martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

Yuppie Psycho

We present to you our new game: "Yuppie Psycho," a First Job Survival Horror adventure. Following the style marked by our previous work, "The Count Lucanor," players will travel to a dystopian 90's and help Brian discover the hidden secrets of Sintracorp.

More info:
Twitter: @baroquedecay

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

German translation!

Hallo ! Welcome to the Tenebre Castle dear friend, this week you can buy our spooky tale The Count Lucanor with a 25% of discount. We are celebrating that our traveller friend "The-Savage-Nymph-Art" finished the localization to his beloved German language.

We are still working on the Portuguese, Japanese and Polish languages. Also trying to port the game to consoles, those strange machines!

Yours sincerely humble servant.

Buy The Count Lucanor on Steam

The Count Lucanor now supports Mac and Linux.

We are proud to announce that the Mac & Linux versions of The Count Lucanor are now available at 25% of discount during this week. We hope you'll enjoy the game and share with your linux and mac friends this great news.

Also we have two new languages on the game Russian and Hungarian. (Thanks to Tolma4 Team & Richárd Goz).
Pretty soon we will have additionnal new languages : German, Portuguese, Polish, Vietnamese & Japanese.

I hope you enjoy our spooky adventure and would like to thank everyone for the great feedback you gave us during those first months since the release.

Buy The Count Lucanor on Steam

Sales, New Languages, Linux & Mac

Hello my amigos of the Tenebre Castle. Today we have some great news to share with you.
This whole week, there's a 25% discount because the black death just killed a rival kingdom and we just have to celebrate it. Bravo!

We also received the visit of two travelers to our castle, two foreigners from Russia and Hungary. They helped us to translate our story to their mother language.
Thanks a lot, for the great job to:

  • Tolma4 Team (Russian)
  • Richárd Goz (Magyar)
We have more travelers from around the world interested in the hidden treasure of the Count Lucanor, they are working on several translations that will be available soon: German, Portuguese, Polish, Vietnamese & Japanese.
Last word about translations : we would like to ask for your help on the english translation. Several people noted some unusual words and sentences in the game texts. English is not our native language so we're requesting help from native english speaker to make our game even better. If you're willing to give us a hand, ( for free ), please contact us (n_n)

Last but not least, the Linux and Mac builds will be available during this week, so stay tuned dear travelers!

lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Lucanor Update #1

Hello dear visitors of the Tenebre Castle, we wanted to share with you some updates about what are we doing during our lonely nights.

First of all, we are working very hard to have the Mac and Linux versions ASAP, we have the game running but the gorgeous cutscenes are the tricky part (>_<)  , hopefully we will beat these issues very soon.

The second plate is translations. We are working with some awesome people to have the game localized to German, Russian, Polish and Portuguese. This way we’’ll be able to see how “Zowie!” is translated to Polish… (O_O)

In addition, there are rumors in the castle about some movements to have the game ported on consoles also released in other online shops, but we can’t say anything official about it, there are only rumors.

The Blue Kobold

lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Game Release

We will release The Count Lucanor this Thursday 3 of March. It will be for Windows OS only, at 9,99$ , and it will come with the Chiptune Bach OST for free.

Steam web

(We are working really hard to have the Linux and Mac versions ASAP)

martes, 19 de enero de 2016

Second Trailer

Hi there, we come with some news about The Count Lucanor, but first let’s take a look to our new trailer:

This new trailer is focused on the second part of the game, the Castle Tenebre, which is full of traps and puzzles to finally get the name of the mysterious blue kobold. This part is almost 50% of the whole game.

The development of the game is almost done, we are now working on polish, bug fixes and also translations. We already achieved two private betas and had a pretty nice feedback from users. We had to adjust some puzzles to be sure that no one gets frustrated in the castle Tenebre.

Also we are already doing the legal paperwork for Steam, which seems to have hired Kafka to write its FAQs. We don’t have any publisher yet so we have to do everything by our own. But with a bit of luck we will release the game this March… but I won’t say that too loudly.
Very soon we will start to contact Youtubers and press for coverage. Are you a Youtuber? We’d like to hear from you !