miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Sales, New Languages, Linux & Mac

Hello my amigos of the Tenebre Castle. Today we have some great news to share with you.
This whole week, there's a 25% discount because the black death just killed a rival kingdom and we just have to celebrate it. Bravo!

We also received the visit of two travelers to our castle, two foreigners from Russia and Hungary. They helped us to translate our story to their mother language.
Thanks a lot, for the great job to:

  • Tolma4 Team (Russian)
  • Richárd Goz (Magyar)
We have more travelers from around the world interested in the hidden treasure of the Count Lucanor, they are working on several translations that will be available soon: German, Portuguese, Polish, Vietnamese & Japanese.
Last word about translations : we would like to ask for your help on the english translation. Several people noted some unusual words and sentences in the game texts. English is not our native language so we're requesting help from native english speaker to make our game even better. If you're willing to give us a hand, ( for free ), please contact us (n_n)

Last but not least, the Linux and Mac builds will be available during this week, so stay tuned dear travelers!

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