Join Hans in a fantasy world and experience a unique adventure, full of surprises and challenges. Get hooked on an immersive tale, where every decision counts and every clue is a piece to solve the puzzle and get the treasure. Unravel the sordid secrets of the castle, meet colorful characters, and remember: horror always lurks beneath the surface.

With a retro, halfway-between-8-and-16-bit style and inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda, Yume Nikki, Silent Hill or Dark Souls, among others, The Count Lucanor is an amazing mystery and horror adventure set in a fairytale world. The game features important choices, alternative endings, secrets and different ways to solve puzzles. The title is in development for PC, Mac and Linux.

Fact sheet:
Title: The Count Lucanor
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Mode: Single player
Developers: Baroque Decay

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Hans who lived with his mother near the woods. On his birthday, the boy had no presents nor sweets. He got so upset he decided to leave home for good. Before he left, his mother gave him his grandfather's cane, some cheese and three pieces of gold. Hans walked into the forest in search of adventure. Soon it was night and the boy was really scared, so he tried to go back. But then, a quaint kobold happened to cross his path and Hans decided to follow him to a castle. The kobold told him he would inherit great wealth if he passed a simple trial... guessing his name. Trapped in the castle, Hans will live a spooky mystery, fantasy and horror adventure to become the new Count Lucanor.

Exploration: Walk the Tenebre Castle and place candles on the ground to light up your path.
Conversation: Talk to NPCs to get important clues to uncover the hidden history of the Count Lucanor.
Stealth: Hide under tables and behind curtains to go undetected.
Puzzles: Use the items you found wisely in order to progress.
Skill: Avoid traps and enemies in the castle by anticipating them.

We’ve hired the greatest composer of all time - Johann Sebastian Bach - to create a soundtrack that will remain etched in your mind forever. Using chiptune tools, we’ve transformed a series of hidden gems of the author to create unique soundscapes for our tale.

About us:
We are Fran and Max, a Spanish pseudo-artist and a French programmer who want to make a game together. We also have the help of Rodrigo Chico, Enrique Lage & Clement Caignart.

A multidisciplinary author with 12 years of experience in graphic design, Francisco Calvelo has directed over 15 audiovisual works and has recently joined the indie gaming community. He founded Videoclub Misterio, Tantoten Animation, Pakarico Games and is currently working for Pandereta Estudios.

Maxime Caignart is a French programmer. Like many of his kind, he has thousand unfinished projects. Founder of Curved Cat Games, he released Tales of Pocoro in 2011.

Rodrigo Chico has x-ray eyes, Enrique Lage spits green acid & Clement Caignart stops time with his ears.




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  1. Respuestas
    1. It's complex to say, but I think 13 years is a good age.

  2. Respuestas
    1. Hi, if you brought the game you can listen the OST on Steam/ Library / Music

  3. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  4. vou comprar mais estou esperando uma tradução para Pt-Br

    1. Hola, una rapaza está traducindo o jogo o portugues, pero vas ter que esperar ata que o teña terminado. Esperemos que sea cedo.

  5. I was wondering if this game is linked in some way to the spanish book "The Count Lucanor". I have not played it, I'm thinking about buying it, but I would like to know if the book and this game are linked in some point. Thanks :).

  6. Hi, there are some small connections between them. But this game is not a adaptation of the book. Today the game will be at -35% by the way ;)

  7. The game enchants to me but I would like to know in which languages it is found :)

    1. You can check here all the languages availables:

  8. Very good game, I love music, is it can find it somewhere?

  9. Yes, it will be out on Switch very soon ;)

  10. Why the game on Switch without Chinese? Q_Q

    1. Sorry Carol, but we don't manage the game on consoles, please tell this issue to Merge Games: http://www.mergegames.com
      Thanks for your support.

  11. Hi! I'm a proud spanish player, and i like your game too much! But I've found some kind of "bug" (PS4 physical version) that suddenly crashes the game at random points and turns the savegame files corrupted, after having some frequent lags. I've found that this kind of crashes occur more frequently time after you save your game at the central fountain. I mean, the more times you save, the more probabilities of crashing the game. It makes it almost impossible to reach the end, as i need to restart the game from the beginning each time my data get corrupted.
    Would it be any possible solution or fixing for this issue?

    Thanks so much, @Baroque Decay.

    1. Hola Luis, te pedimos disculpas por los errores. Lamentablemente nosotros no nos encargamos del port para consolas del juego, solo en PC. Por lo que poco o nada podemos hacer. Te pediría que mandes este mismo texto a los responsables para que sepan de primera mano el problema y decidan solucionarlo. Son Ratalaika Games (Port) y Merge Games (Publisher) Te dejo los emails de soporte:

      Un saludo y mil gracias por tu apoyo al juego. ;)

  12. Hello !
    Puisqu'il y a un français dans l'équipe je vais plutôt utiliser cette langue, étant française aussi ^^

    J'avais hésité à prendre le jeu mais il m'attirait trop pour que je ne profite pas d'une réduction sur le Nintendo store pour l'acheter. Et je ne regrette pas, c'est vraiment un jeu hyper bien pensé ^^
    Du coup j'ai fini le jeu en étant super sympa et je vais le recommencer en étant une grosse radine pour voir si j'ai une fin totalement différente. Mais j'ai l'impression que les différentes fins sont plus subtiles, non ? Genre si on ne donne pas de pommes à l'âne on ne le retrouvera pas devant la maison à la fin. A part bien sûr le choix de fin, ce qui nous fait du coup 2 fins différentes. ^^ J'ai raison ?
    Ah et sinon apparemment il y a un OST ? Il y aurait moyen de le récupérer sur Switch ? T_T

  13. Gracias por este excelente juego, buenísimos diálogos, personajes e historia, espero sigan lanzando sus juegos en nintendo switch

  14. Your game clashes at the end in the PS4 version ....just so you feel ashamed of selling games in this condition...never again buying games from your company.

  15. I have this game from Origin. At the very beginning the game jams after collecting bread from the table in the mother's hut. In general, the game often jams. I have the impression that it has something to do with the Steam achievements.