martes, 19 de enero de 2016

Second Trailer

Hi there, we come with some news about The Count Lucanor, but first let’s take a look to our new trailer:

This new trailer is focused on the second part of the game, the Castle Tenebre, which is full of traps and puzzles to finally get the name of the mysterious blue kobold. This part is almost 50% of the whole game.

The development of the game is almost done, we are now working on polish, bug fixes and also translations. We already achieved two private betas and had a pretty nice feedback from users. We had to adjust some puzzles to be sure that no one gets frustrated in the castle Tenebre.

Also we are already doing the legal paperwork for Steam, which seems to have hired Kafka to write its FAQs. We don’t have any publisher yet so we have to do everything by our own. But with a bit of luck we will release the game this March… but I won’t say that too loudly.
Very soon we will start to contact Youtubers and press for coverage. Are you a Youtuber? We’d like to hear from you !