lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Lucanor Update #1

Hello dear visitors of the Tenebre Castle, we wanted to share with you some updates about what are we doing during our lonely nights.

First of all, we are working very hard to have the Mac and Linux versions ASAP, we have the game running but the gorgeous cutscenes are the tricky part (>_<)  , hopefully we will beat these issues very soon.

The second plate is translations. We are working with some awesome people to have the game localized to German, Russian, Polish and Portuguese. This way we’’ll be able to see how “Zowie!” is translated to Polish… (O_O)

In addition, there are rumors in the castle about some movements to have the game ported on consoles also released in other online shops, but we can’t say anything official about it, there are only rumors.

The Blue Kobold