martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

Yuppie Psycho

We present to you our new game: "Yuppie Psycho," a First Job Survival Horror adventure. Following the style marked by our previous work, "The Count Lucanor," players will travel to a dystopian 90's and help Brian discover the hidden secrets of Sintracorp.

More info:
Twitter: @baroquedecay

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  1. I loved Count Lucanor, so there's no way I'm passing this up.

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  3. I don't usually play horror games, but I enjoyed The Count Lucanor so much and I can't wait for this new game you're working on. When will Yuppie Psycho be released?

    1. Thanks a lot. (n_n) Well, you still have to wait a few more months. Its a larger game than Lucanor. ;)