lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

The Count Lucanor has been greenlit.

Hi, we would like to thank everyone which voted for our game in Greenlight. The game has been greenlit in just a week and we wanted to share some info about it.

Here are some data provided by that Steam to follow our progress. As you can see we have almost the same amount of YES and NO votes. I was really worried at first, but then i saw this page:
In it you can see the stats of every game on Greenlight. I realized that most games have more negative than positive votes, and even in that case they were greenlit too.

Another mistake we made was to underestimate the Steam community. At first I thought that Greenlight was a place full of developers but empty of players, so the only way to have votes was by doing a big buzz outside steam. But no, that’s not the reality. The fact is the place is full of people viewing, voting and commenting your work. 90% of our traffic came from inside Steam.

We were greenlit after seven days, and our best position was #18 in the top 100 ranking ( at the time they were around 1800 games in Greenlight ). Who knows how this ranking actually works, I think is a mix of visits, votes, and time. The fact is you have to be on it to be greenlit… I guess.

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